TMJ and Sleep Dentistry-Auburn CA

The way our teeth fit together, our bite, can have some surprising effects. A misaligned bite can cause headaches, migraines, neck pain, facial pain, TMJ, and chronic clenching that leads to worn and damaged teeth.

With the use of Neuromuscular Dentistry, Dr. Isbell can correct your misaligned bite and relieve your pain.

Muscles & Joints in Dentistry

When our teeth don’t naturally align, our muscles and joints shift to get them together, which leads to muscles being overworked when they should be relaxed. Depending on how the muscles and joints must work to align the bite, a variety of painful conditions can develop.

Dr. Isbell is proud to be a LVI Fellow, this is a distinction awarded to those who have completed the LVI Core Curriculum which includes training in advanced aesthetics, physiological science, and who has successfully completed a comprehensive examination.  

Sleep Dentistry

Sleep disturbances such as snoring, insomnia, and sleep apnea have become an increasing health concern over the years.  With our at home sleep study device, we can rule out any possible sleep disorders in the comfort of your own bed, as well as, monitor the success of our sleep apnea appliances.  

CPAP Intolerance

While wearing a CPAP can aid in sleep disorders, most people are non-compliant due to the inconvenience and discomfort. Depending on severity of the sleep disorder,  a mandibular advancement device which is an oral appliance worn at night, can be used in place of a CPAP machine.