Preventative Care-Auburn CA

Some of the most common services, treatments and procedures performed at Dr. Isbell’s office include:

Oral Health Examination

Examination of the gums and teeth are done by Dr. Isbell to evaluate the overall health of the mouth and airway. She doesn't stop with just the teeth, as bite misalignment, airway, crooked or poorly spaced teeth and other abnormalities play a huge roll in the overall health of our mouths and our bodies. Digital x-rays are taken to better examine what we can't see within the teeth and below the gums. Along with the rest, a Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) screening and an oral cancer screening are also done on all patients. With oral cancer affecting millions, Dr. Isbell feels a thorough evaluation using Oral ID will help us reduce the spread of this devastating disease.

Prophylactic Cleaning

This is a preventive treatment that includes removing minor plaque and tartar buildup to reduce the risk of gingivitis and cavities, as well as the progression of the oral bacteria that leads to gum disease. When completed, the teeth are left feeling fresh and clean. Getting a preventive cleaning at least every six months is ideal for most children and adults.

Gum Disease Intervention

Because of the seriousness of gum disease and its relationship to your overall health, we have developed a comprehensive program to allow you the best chances for restored gum health. This program is one fee and includes home care tools such as a professional electric toothbrush, waterpik and more.  The program also includes hygiene visits in our office for one year, allowing us to treat the teeth and gums with cleanings, laser, and anti-microbial agents at greater frequency.

Tooth Whitening

Whitening helps reduce the visual appearance of staining from food and beverage consumption, smoking and other lifestyle habits. We offer several options and formulas to meet our patients different wants and goals.