Ozone Dentistry-Auburn CA

Ozone Dentistry

Our immune system is constantly fighting to balance good and bad microbes. Infections can come from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. These infections can be an underlying cause of dental decay, gum disease and other systemic disorders. The use of ozone is the perfect natural solution to many common dental problems. Ozone can prevent, and in some cases even reverse, tooth decay. It is safe, natural, and effective.

Ozone therapy can be used in several forms.

Ozone Water

One molecule of ozone is 3,500 times stronger than one molecule of chlorine. Ozone breaks down into water and oxygen, and has no toxic byproducts. Ozone water is used throughout our office and procedures.

Ozone Gas

Ozone gas exposure can penetrate 3-5 millimeters into a tooth killing pathogens that cause decay and their waste products. Ozone injections can also profuse into soft tissues to aid in elimination of infections and inflammation in gums and bone.

Ozone Oils

Ozone oils can be applied to gum tissues and lesions in the mouth and aid in healing and eliminating infections. The ozone oils effect in the mouth can last for hours. It is great for simple, daily treatments.